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KW History


KW supports WTCC again

  • KW renews the partnership with the FIA World Touring Car Championship WTCC. During the racing season 2010 the logo of the official series partner KW will be visible on all front and rear license plates of all cars in all races.

recooperation with Chrysler

  • In 2010 Dodge launches a race viper - the SRT10 ACR-X. This Bolide was designed only for race tracks and will be used in different US-American GT-race series like e.g. SCCA and the Nasa Viper Racing League. The suspension, which also comes from KW like the one for the Viper ACR, was optimized for the race track. It is a 2-way adjustable competition kit which was developed especially for ACR-X and whose setup and springs were adjusted for the race conditions.

KW equips BMW M3 GTS

  • BMW strengthens its M3 and broaden its portfolio with a BMW M3 GTS. The 450 horsepower strong BMW M3 GTS, made for the usage on the road and the race track, will be optimized for the usage on the race track regarding the drive system and suspension technology and will be produced individually only per orders. M-GmbH focused only on KW suspensions, that means, that all GTS-models will be delivered with a KW Clubsport suspension kit in series with separately adjustable compression and rebound damping.


Establishment of the chinese branch

  • KW opens up a sales office in Ningbo, China.

KW becomes a series partner for WTCC

  • The World Touring Car Championship, WTCC starts with KW as a series partner since 2009. KW supports the complete race series and represents itself with the KW-Logo on the licence plates of all race cars.

KW - Made for winners - the success goes on

  • Sensation at the 24h race 2010: The 4th overall victory in a row for Manthey Racing which creates a sensational success on KW competition. Not only the victorious driving team, but also the suspension technique from KW stand the test on the hardest long-distance race in the world. In total, more than 60 teams trust the KW suspension technique and four of them reached the Top Ten.

KW test center at the Nürburgring ring°werk

  • The "ring°werk", which is a 15.000 sqm leisure park and established in 2009, makes the world of the Nürburgring and motorsports a true experience. Within this diversified theme park, the "test°center" is the main focus of technical knowledge transfer. All important information about suspensions is presented by KW in an exciting way. Within an area of about 80 sqm visitors can experience the secrets of suspensions technology by means of interactive displays, exciting animations, action films and a lot more.

Nordschleife record with KW

  • GUMPERT apollo sets a new official round record on the legendary Nordschleife. KW contributes a great part to the round record with its ideal suspension-setup. For adjusting the suspension, KW tested and adjusted the Apollo on the 7-Post-Rig and so it was well prepared for the record drive.


KW as a commercial partner

  • KW automotive GmbH co-operates with Chrysler USA and equips their latest racing car – the Viper SRT10 ACR – serially with a KW coilover suspension. This limited edition is an optimised Dodge Viper SRT10 model with road approval for all sporty drivers who wish to use their racing car in everyday use as well.
  • After the SLK 55 and CLK 63, the SL 65 in the Black Series Edition is available from January 2009. Like the previous performance models, also the limited edition of the SL 65 AMG Black Series will be serially equipped with a KW coilover suspension.

KW HLS (Hydraulic Lift System)

  • At the fair-trade Tuning World Bodensee, KW introduces its latest innovation: KW HLS (Hydraulic Lift System). With KW HLS, the vehicle can be lifted up to 45 mm – according to its technical conditions. This is especially reasonable for lowered sports cars and/or sports cars with very low engine compartments. This allows the car to easily pass over underground parking entrances, on and off ferries, over car washing plants, speed blocks, construction sites or other obstacles without any damage.

KW - Made for winners - to be continued

  • After another double victory at the hardest classical long-distance race in the world, the 24h-race at the Nurburgring-Nordschleife and the 3rd overall victory in a row for Manthey Racing, KW is now regarded as the most successful suspension manufacturer at the Nurburgring-Nordschleife. During the race, the two winners as well as 70 further racing teams relied on the racing technology by KW automotive GmbH. Apart from the 1st and 2nd winner also the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th place were won by race teams equipped with KW technology. The result impressively confirms the Nordschleife competence by KW competition. Altogether, KW can celebrate six Top-10 results and seven class victories.


KW - Made for winners

  • At the 24h-race at the Nurburgring, KW does not only equip the Porsche GT3 RS-R of the overall winner Manthey Racing, but also the runner-up Dodge Viper GT-S by Zakspeed Racing with KW competition racing suspensions. Altogether KW is responsible for six Top-10 results and six class at the hardes long-distance race at the Nurburgring Green Hell. More than 70 teams relied on KW suspension technology during the 24-hour race.

KW equips the Mercedes AMG Black Series

  • KW equips the CLK 63 AMG Black Series which is technically and visually based upon the Formula 1 Safety Car, serially with a KW coilover suspension especially developed for AMG.



  • The KW colours “yellow-purple” are registered as trademark colours all over Europe! Therefore, KW is one of the few companies whose company colours are so popular that they were patented. So far, only large brands such as Nivea, Coca-Cola or Telecom achieved this.

10 years coilover suspensions

  • The KW automotive GmbH celebrates 10 years KW coilover suspensions
  • A celebration under the motto “KW-Days“ invites motor sports fans and friends of KW to look behind the scenes and join into an amazing framework programme.

7-post drive dynamics test rig

  • The 7-post drive dynamics test stand is taken into operation. So far, only 15 such test stands were produced and they are mainly used by nine of the 11 current Formula-1 teams.
  • With the drive dynamics test stand, KW offers motor sports teams and commercial partners the possibilities to simulate various track conditions with one car. This technology saves time and costs which would normally be spent on the race track.

New KW product lines

  • The KW automotive GmbH celebrates the market introduction of three new product lines at the Essen Motor Show:
    KW street comfort - coilover suspensions for the maximum comfort
    KW clubsport - coilover suspensions for road and race tracks
    KW quad suspensions – coilover suspensions and lowering springs for quad bikes and ATVs.


KW automotive North America Inc.

  • KW automotive North America Inc. is registered in Fresno, California.
  • The new Californian company takes over the assets of the US-American companies Belltech Corp. and ST Racing. With this step, the product range is completed and structures which enable an optimal distribution of all KW automotive GmbH brands, is established.
Extension of the company premises
  • Construction of hall 5 in Fichtenberg with approx. 6,000 square metres floor space on two levels.
  • The new floor space is opened up for operations on schedule at the turn of the year 2005/2006.
  • The company headquarters in Fichtenberg now has an overall operating space of approx. 23,000 square metres.


LSD-Doors world-wide

  • The entirely new application LSD-Doors is first distributed all over Germany and in a second step patented in Europe and all over the word.
  • LSD-Doors is first introduced at the “Tuning World Friedrichshafen“, followed by an unexpectedly large media interest in this new product.
  • The new shop floor and development department for LSD Doors is put into operation.

The Northern American subsidiary is established

  • KW Suspensions North America Inc. is established an registered in Vancouver, Canada.

LSD-Doors goes United States

  • At the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, LSD Doors are first introduced to the Northern American clientele. In co-operation with the US-magazine DUB, various Chrysler 300C and Dodge Magnum are equipped with LSD doors for super stars such as the rapper Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Chingy, the boxer Bernhard Hopkins and others.


Re-structuring of WEITEC

  • All articles of the product line Weitec are integrated into the new storage- and logistics hall. The entire logistics of all product lines is therefore controlled from a distribution centre.


  • The entire KW Coilover suspensions product line is exclusively produced in “inox-line“ corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

5 years KW in Fichtenberg

  • Five years KW in Fichtenberg are celebrated with a large party which also serves as an inauguration for the newly built offices.
  • More than 5,000 guests join in, among them also the minister of economic affairs, Walter Döring

LSD-Doors are born

  • At the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the idea for a new product is born:
    LSD – Lambo Style Doors.


Expansion of the company premises

  • The sales department moves into its new offices.
  • Construction works start for the second part of the storage- and logistics building.
  • Construction works start for hall 4 which accommodates the machinery and the “inox-line“ stainless steel spring struts production.
  • Production starts in the newly built hall 4.

The Swiss subsidiary changes its name

  • The Swiss subsidiary changes its name to KW Fahrwerktechnik AG and prepared for the distribution of all product lines.


KW Variant 3 and “inox-line“

  • Start of the new product line “Variant 3“ damping system with the patented double adjustable technology and “inox-line“ with corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

First foreign subsidiary

  • The first foreign subsidiary is established in Switzerland and named Weitec Fahrwerktechnik AG.

KW storage- and logistics centre

  • Planning of a new storage- and logistics building in Fichtenberg.
  • The 1,100 square metre large part of the new storage- and logistics building with a new high rack storage with 1,500 spaces is ready for operation in September.

The end of KW Wheels

  • After five years, the product line “KW wheels“ is terminated in order to fully focus on the development of suspensions.


KW as a technical motor sports partner

  • KW competition starts a co-operation with various teams in national and international championships as a technical partner for racing suspensions.

The brand WEITEC

  • KW automotive GmbH takes over a two-third majority of another suspensions producer. After a re-structuring measure of the company, the products are distributed under the name WEITEC.


KW successful in motorsports

  • KW starts with two own developed Honda Integra and a team with two drivers at the German DTC Championship. Ellen Lohr, the first and only female race driver who has ever won a DTM Championship, starts from the pole position twice and wins several races.
  • KW Coilover suspensions becomes serial sponsor of the “STW“ Super Touring Car Championship and Thomas Stingl starts in the KW Honda Accord.

KW goes United States

  • First presentation of KW automotive GmbH products on the Northern American market. In co-operation with the importer for the United Stated and Canada HPA, KW participates in the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.


The KW automotive GmbH is established

  • The private company is turned into the current capital company KW automotive GmbH. The 1,000 square metre large storage- and production hall is ready.
  • Construction works for the 480 square metre large administration building are finished and the location is officially opened.
  • Construction works start for another 600 square metre large storage hall for the fast-growing “KW wheels“ delivery programme.


Relocation to Fichtenberg

  • The operational space is extended to altogether 500 square metres. Palling of a 1,000 square metre large production hall in Fichtenberg. Construction works start already in August.


The company name is changed to KW Coilover Suspensions

  • The company name is changed to KW Coilover Suspensions. Relocation into a 150 square metre large storage hall. A team of three people is working on the development of coilover suspensions.


The KW coilover suspension is born

  • The vision of a lowering solution which fulfils all customer requirements is born – the KW coilover suspension!
  • First approval by the Technical Control Board (TÜV) for an entire suspension
  • Fist presentation of suspensions at the Essen Motor Show.

1992 - 1995

„KW Tuning“

  • KW Tuning successfully distributes car component parts in a 75 square metre large retail business in Murrhardt (Germany).