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KW suspension kits
KW suspension kit

KW suspensions
Suspension solutions for better optics and driving dynamics

The KW Suspensions program has been developed in addition to the famous KW coilover programme. The aim of this programme is to use the existing resources, the know-how from motorsport, the direct access to high-quality materials and perfect organised industrial production for conversion of car specific sport suspension kits. KW also would like to achieve visual and driving dynamical improvements, meet OEM quality and offer a superb price/performance ratio.

Coilover spring kits

The KW coilover spring kit is used for lowering the vehicle in combination with the serial dampers, even when electronic damper control is installed. This lowering solution from KW optimises the dynamic performance and the steering behaviour without the electronic damper control deactivated. For this solution vehicle specific adjustable spring seats with adjusted KW lowering springs and the matching elastomer as well as the dust cover system will be used. This complete conversion allows an individual adjustable lowering solution.

  • Individual height adjustability of the serial suspension kit
  • Serial suspension system – also with electronic damper control – stays active
  • Improved optic and vehicle dynamics
  • Optimal performance
  • Better steering behaviour
KW coilover spring kit
KW sport shock absorbers

Sport shock absorbers

KW Sport Shock Absorbers meet all claims of a modern high-performance damping system. All KW sport shock absorbers are specially developed with a sportive damping setting for road-use. KW engineers are using all their knowledge from suspension development and motorsport to find a perfect setting during extensive road testings. The twin-tube gas shock absorbers are equipped with hardened, chrome-plated piston rods and offer ideal protection against stone chips and corrosion. A new innovative monoblock rod guide and seal system raise the pressure resistance, reduce the friction and enhance the capability. The new working piston with V-shaped Teflon seals reduce the friction losses to a minimum and ensure a high temperature-resistant and long-lasting damping system. All KW sport shock absorbers are equipped with a rebound (shortened stroke), assure optimum bore-stroke ratio and arrange pre-stressed springs. A big part of the rear axle shock absorbers is equipped with spring plates which are height adjustable by slots. This enables to vary the car height in 5 additional positions.
  • Characteristic curves specifi cally for the intended use
  • Extensive road testing for optimum road-holding
  • Optimised working piston with V-shaped Tefl on seals
  • Pressure resistant monoblock guide and seal package
  • Extremely low-friction and pressure resistant system
  • High temperature-resistance and constant damping forces
  • Hardened, chrome-plated piston rods
  • High-quality components, modern production processes
    and optimum quality control guarantee reliability and durability
  • Shock absorbers with shortened stoke, in some cases with spring
    plates height-adjustable by means of slots

Spring kits

KW Sport Spring kits are suited to lower the car height up to 60 mm. Besides the improved look, the lowered centre of gravity contributes to increased agility and driving pleasure. KW sport spring kits with a lowering up to 40 mm could be used with standard shock absorbers. Generally, it is recommended to use sport shock absorbers. For a lowering of more than 40 mm the use of sport shock absorbers is required.
  • Lowering from 40 to 60 mm, including wedge shape
  • Lowered centre of gravity
  • Improved looks
  • Increased agility and driving pleasure
  • OEM quality according to DIN ISO
  • Chrome-silicium-steel
KW lowering spring kits
suspension-image 01

Sport suspension kits

KW Sport Suspension kits consist of high-quality springs and specially matched sports shock absorbers with shortened stroke which are aligned to the new ratio. The aim of the extensive driving tests is to achieve an ideal collaboration of the shock and spring units and a significant improvement of the handling and drivability. The sporty, harmonised tuning offers a high degree of driving dynamic and safety without loosing the comfort.
  • High-quality springs with specially matched sports shock absorbers
  • Sports shock absorbers with shortened stroke
  • Optimum interaction between shock absorber/spring unit
  • Significant improvement in handling and driveability
  • Sporty, harmonised tuning