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KW hydraulic 7-post rig

  • For applications in the automobile industry and in motorsport
  • Ideal support of subjective test on the street
  • Improvement of the performance at existing developments
  • Suspension construction at new developments which are not ready yet
  • Laboratory related and therefore constant, repetitious conditions
  • Lower and calculable costs

KW is the only suspension manufacturer in Germany which operates a 7-post-rig, which is able to simulate race tracks.

This high tech test system is used by Formula 1 teams for their research and development to achieve suspension setups at the highest level of motorsport. KW automotive GmbH uses this innovative technology to test the development of new suspension kits as well as optimising suspension setups. KW offers all interested race teams as well as industrial partners the possibility to set up their vehicles with the support of our 7-post-rig in our specialist testing centre in Fichtenberg. The 7-post-rig consists out of seven hydraulic stamps – four main actuators for the wheels and another three posts to control the action of the vehicle superstructure if necessary. The test rig can be used either in the 4 stamp modus or as the name already says, in the 7 post modus.

In the 4 post modus basic developments can be made, in which the suspension kit will be pulsed in different frequencies and post strokes. For the simulation of race track courses, the 7 posts modus will be used, which offers to simulate brake- and speed up applications as well as aerodynamic demands. This test can be driven with constant and exactly repetitious conditions – much more accurate and faster as on the race track. Therefore less personal is necessary, the abrasion is reduced to the minimum and no transport costs or track fees accrue. Reference of advantage and results on the KW post rig in real progress is shown by the success of our customers: Manthey got four 24-h-races overall victories, Raeder placed their Ford GT on pole position several times and in the WTCC private teams from Engstler and Wiechers are frequently on the podium in the independence trophy. Also the Alpina B6 and the Gumpert Apollo Speed uses this innovative technics.

Klaus Frank, Driving Dynamics / Damping Development
Martin Malinowski, Dipl. Ing., 7-Post-Engineer
Email:, Phone: +49 (0) 7971 / 9630-0
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KW 7-post test rig