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The racing programme KW Competition has been designed for national and international motor sports. Today, KW Competition is used by various racing teams on race tracks around the world. KW Competition’s participation ranges from amateur motorsports such as the VLN Langstreckenpokal to the professional series of the FIA Touring Car Championship. The overall victories from 2006 to 2009 each year at the 24-hour race of Nürburgring by Manthey Racing, as well as numerous class victories impressively confirm that the racing technology of KW Competition is not only the leading brand when it comes to performance, but also in quality. Our well formed team in our motorsports department with its own unique structures allow us to meet the demands of the ever changing requests of customers. This is done in a flexible and goal-oriented process. Everything from design, construction and testing of the product is completed and overseen by the team at KW.
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KW competition 2-way adjustable

Our 2-way adjustable racing suspension systems are based on the twin-tube damping principal. The rebound- and compression forces can be adjusted independently at the end of the piston rod and the base of the casing. With this technology KW is able to equip a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from race cars, to custom fabricated kit-car. Even cars older than 20 years can be outfitted with a high-quality custom-made damping systems. A damping angle up to 45° is possible based on the specific application and that the dampening case remains pointed downwards. More inclination and even horizontal assemblies are also possible. Please state your requirements at the time of order so the proper adjustments can be made to your dampers.

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KW competition 3-way adjustable

Our 3-way adjustable racing suspensions are designed for professional motorsports. The systems are based on mono-tube damping construction with a separate adjustable compression reservoir canister. The 3-way has a very large working range of dampening adjustment and allows for nearly any adjustment possibility. An additional benefit is the freedom to mount the adjustable compression reservoir, allowing easier access for adjustments. KW offers applications for nearly every discipline of motorsports: circuit, slalom, mountain, rally, cross, formula 1 type race cars.

For detailed information about our KW Competition racing products, please refer to our KW racing catalogue.

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