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KW inox-line stainless technology

KW "inox-line" in detail

  • Highly corrosion-resistant
  • Unsurpassed quality
  • No signs of wear at the adjustment mechanism – also during long use
  • Trapezoid thread in stainless steel eases height-adjustment
  • Perfect look – permanently
  • High load tolerance

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The salt spray test:

In cooperation with the Technical University of Esslingen, a total of 9 products from 6 different manufacturers were subjected to quality testing in December of 2002 in the form of a salt spray durability test in accordance with DIN 50021 SS. The object of this testing was to compare corrosion resistance of the various systems under consideration of environmental influences such as salt water. During the test simulation of over 480 hours, the samples were inspected at regular intervals, whereby the corrosion resistance of piston rods and threaded struts were evaluated, as well as the adjustability of the aluminium spring collars.


KW „Inox-line“ Coilovers Variant 1, 2 and 3
KW Coilover struts Variant 2
5 competitor products with new, galvanized threaded struts


2x very good KW „inox-line“ Variant 1 and Variant 3
1x good KW „inox-line“ Variant 2 
2x moderately good competitor
1x moderate competitor
2x poor competitor

Test Result FH Esslingen:

KW inox-line coilovers with stainless steel technology are clearly superior to galvanized models with regard to corrosion resistance, and in addition, ensure smooth operation even after 480 hours.

Coilover suspension zinc-plated

KW „inox-line“

after 26 hours

first pitting corrosion and corrosion patches

KW Variant 3
piston rods in perfect condition

after 480 hours
after 145 hours

starting corrosion, corrosion ins gaps and weld seams

KW Variant 1
no corrosion detectable at spring struts

after 480 hours
after 229 hours

single corrosion patches, not mobile anymore after 229 hours

KW Variant 1
easy to move, no corrosion

after 480 hours